Personalized mapping of your commute - from home to work to home
You’ve made the decision to start commuting to work by bike.  You know it will be good for you and good for the environment.  But you remain apprehensive.  You might be wondering:

  • What streets should I take?
  • Which bridge?
  • What’s the fastest way to go?
  • What’s the safest route?


Now you can relax and leave that to us.  We’re here to take the fear away and help you take that first step in becoming a bike commuter.


  • We will design and present the best route for you, customizing the route, or a set of optional routes, to best meet your needs.
  • We’ll lay out the most efficient and fastest way for you to get to work while keeping your safety as our highest priority.
  • We’ll be your ride-along guide on a coached run-through of your trip..


Every personalized mapping of your commute comes with:

  • A digital video of your guide taking every street along every turn of your trip
  • A map outlining all your options for getting from home to work and back
  • A free lesson in the ABC’s of bike preparedness and bike safety
  • A BluetoothT powered guided run through of your route
  • Advice on a variety of other aspects of bike commuting from a certified instructor